This is like letting wolves bite teeth in tight

all the way in.

I cry wolf n’ it’s like serving my mother to the pack on a platter. 

Let em chew me raw bare down to bone,

deep deep let em, let em gnaw. Got no tears for these wolves, I’m grinning fat eating pain up. Let em bite me all day long so long 

as they 

lay off 

my mother. 

Cry wolf n’ i’d be forking her over. 

Let em bite me 

savage let em bite.

I got spine for these wolves. 

I got time for these wolves. 

Bite me the fuck to kingdom come wolves I got plenty of me. 

If I feel the bitch taste of tears raiding my skull, eyes bout to crack against my will, I tune into the wolves hear em sneering…

Shut up wolves. Keep chomping.